Ghanazuma’s Revenge

Howdy folks! Let me start by saying that I wrote a pretty thorough post last night while in bed and remembered to transfer my photos over to my flash drive but forgot to copy over the text of my post. Since I spent sooooo much time on it, and do not have the brain capacity to recreate such a masterpiece, I will just say that this week was a series of ups and downs and now I’m back up! The last time I posted was my no electricity day off and what a fun day it was. Tabea and I spent 4 hours cruising around the city of Kumasi, which I am growing more fond of every day. After spending an hour at the internet cafe, we went grocery shopping, changed money, had some ice cream, took photos of Kejetia Market and walked to the Kumasi Cultural Centre. One the way home we quenched our thirst for a mere 3 cents and made it back in time for dinner. Lucy had a piping hot dinner of rice and tomato stew waiting and we inhaled it. Around 8pm after a few games of “Kalah” or Mancala as we know it, and simultaneously around 8:30 we both started complaining of stomach pain. Mild cramping quickly became a night to remember in Ghana as both of us alternated visits to the bathroom well into the wee hours of the morning. We tried to pin down what could have caused the relentless vomiting and (sorry for the details) diarrhea. Was it the packaged ice cream? The 3 cent water? The dinner that Lucy, best cook ever made? We both paid a visit to the doctor just to be safe.  Total cost for doctor visit/malaria medication (just in case) and 4 other pills including a new packet of Cipro = 15 cedis or $12 USD. Not bad. Worth the trip just for the experience alone. Tabea is still under the weather and believes she has malaria. Malaria is the most over-diagnosed illness in Africa and I know it to be completely debilitating. I was debilitated but only for a day and a half…classic food poisoning. So, now I’m on my Cipro and Immodium A-D and feeling much better. I’m en route to meet up with the Oregon crew this evening. My professor Leslie is in town with the Journalism school kids and more than anything, I am excited to speak WHITE ENGLISH! It is getting dark out so I’m going to post a few pictures and hit the road. I do have some interesting school related stories from this week so as soon as I have the chance, I will post more about my actual volunteer position as opposed to all the adventures and misadventures I am having.

A truck full of Obama Biscuits!

Overlooking Kejetia (pronounced Katie-uh) Square

Teacher Mackerel…Mmmm (please disregard my disastrous hair. UGH!)
“Thank you teacher”

Scenes from the Kumasi Cultural Centre below

Gotta Run! Thanks for reading!

Obama purse (top left)

About Kim Zimmer

I am a technology integration specialist at Vail Mountain School in Vail, Colorado. My passions include training teachers in the use of technology, teaching technology to students, listening and playing music and travel.
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2 Responses to Ghanazuma’s Revenge

  1. peggy Baker says:

    Oh Kim, feel better everyday…love the posts! Hugs, Peggy B

  2. rahman says:

    you are the one…i love your comments and post keep it up you re too much…

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