Tuesday at the cafe…

So, I just posted on Sunday but I have to take advantage of my last 15 minutes of hi-speed internet time and write something.  I came into Kumasi this afternoon to Skype with some tech people from the northern burbs of Chicago. We are planning a conference in November and I told them before I left that I would be at the meeting…and I made it! Despite being pretty expensive ($1.50 for an hour), the Vodafone Internet Cafe in Kumasi is pretty awesome. At one point in our meeting, my buddy Scott said that I sounded better over Skype than one of the other people in our meeting. Each computer here is equipped with Skype, AIM, Firefox and a microphone headset that works! Really well! So, I decided to make it an evening here and treat myself to some pizza and beer across the street at Vic Baboo’s. I know it’s not really all that Ghana of me to go eat pizza but I’m just really craving American food. I’ve officially been here 20 days and eaten only Ghanaian food for 19.5 of them (So I had half of a pizza the first week I was here).

Staples of the Ghanaian diet:
White rice or white rice ball
Tomato Stew (cabbage/carrot/tomato paste/oil)
Cornmeal with water to form a ball then placed in ground nut soup or okra soup
Navy Beans
Cassava Root
Steamed or mashed yam (not the sweet potato kind)
White bread

That’s a wrap and my diet for the past 20 days.

So, I’m off to get some pizza and looking forward to an early start to the weekend. I’m heading to the northern region with the other volunteers to see elephants, hippos and other fun things (TBD) at Mole National Park/Wa and beyond on Thursday! I will try my best to write a post before Monday evening.


About Kim Zimmer

I am a technology integration specialist at Vail Mountain School in Vail, Colorado. My passions include training teachers in the use of technology, teaching technology to students, listening and playing music and travel.
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One Response to Tuesday at the cafe…

  1. Noelle says:

    Been following your travels and tribulations (lol!) and have really enjoyed reading your blog entries!! Makes me think that what we call “unacceptable technology issues” pales in comparison to that those in Ghana experience on a daily basis! From Morocco, with love!

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