Chicago > Colorado > Peru


What a whirlwind few months these have been…and the fun isn’t going to stop anytime soon! On Friday, I’ll be moving to Frisco, Colorado to start a new job and a adventure. And, in the spirit of my blog title, I am proud to say that once again I am “Ghana Make It After All.” Juggling the excitement of a new job in a completely new place and the closure of the job I have known for 7 years and the city I have known since 6th grade is never easy. Tonight I’ll be heading to Gio’s, one of my favorite restaurants on the South Side of Chicago to bid farewell to my best friend, confidant, go to gal since the day we met on Labor Day weekend, 2004. Tomorrow is my last night in the city and I’m not sure what to do. Part of me wants to cram it all in and another part of me just wants to drive to my parents house, spend one more night with them and celebrate my last morning in Chicago in rush hour traffic with a Starbucks and some XRT radio. It doesn’t get much more Chicago than that!

A week after I arrive in Frisco, Colorado, my new home, I’ll be heading to Peru for adventure #2. I planned this trip long ago and even in the midst of the moving craziness, just wasn’t willing to forgo all of the time and energy (not to mention money) that was put into this trip planning. So, off to Peru on June 21st I go!

A few highlights of the trip include:

Cuzco! (and the Inti Raymi festival which will be going on)
Manu National Park
Macchu Picchu (and were taking a stab at Huayna Picchu)
&  Ollyantaytambo
Then, it’s back to Lima to volunteer with the children at El Hogar!


About Kim Zimmer

I am a technology integration specialist at Vail Mountain School in Vail, Colorado. My passions include training teachers in the use of technology, teaching technology to students, listening and playing music and travel.
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