Peru – Summer 2014

I was having trouble logging into this blog but finally broke the code! I also realized that I never posted pictures from my time last summer traveling in Peru traveling which concluded with volunteering for Villa La Paz Foundation at the Hogar de San Francisco de Asis.

After stubling on the documentary, “The Human Experience” I was moved to include volunteering at some point during my travels in Peru last summer. I contacted Dr. Tony almost a year prior because I had heard that, like me, others had watched the documentary and his volunteer list had a bit of wait time. Dr. Tony responded quickly and my advanced notice secured the exact week that I had hoped to volunteer.


There were so many stories from those 5 days that I wouldn’t know where to begin. A few highlights included early wake up calls, carrying children to the bathroom throughout the day, carring children onto public transportation and then through downtown Lima for doctor appointments, hoisting a child who was casted on both legs up in front of an X-Ray machine, play time at the park, bathing children, and the list goes on. Exhausted would be one descriptor but at the end of the day, I truly look forward to the next time I am able to visit Peru and return to the Hogar because these kids are so completely inspiring, resilient and adorable.  We were lucky to have a group of high school volunteers around for most of the week but towards the end, they left me and my travel companion, Julie flying solo for the weekend with 42 children with many different needs. We survived.

Here are a few pics of some of the munchkins but I’m being careful about taking my phone out. “Amiiiiga, please, your phone” is a commonly heard phrase around the Hogar and once you give in, it’s all over….

Play time in the park


On our way to Lima for doctor appointments!


Reading Dr. Seuss


Taking photos in the park


More play time

More pics from Peru!


About Kim Zimmer

I am a technology integration specialist at Vail Mountain School in Vail, Colorado. My passions include training teachers in the use of technology, teaching technology to students, listening and playing music and travel.
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